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The Infest Collection 2022 tells a story of intricately embroidered beetle brooches escaping, morphing and infesting a space. In her graduate exhibition, (June 2022) Alexandra displayed the beetles as though they were degrading into the red leather pieces, reminiscent of flesh and organs. The transition ended with the Infest Shirt: a garment embroidered with smatters of colourful beads that suggested the infestation had progressed into our personal belongings and invaded our privacy.

The inspiration for the project was born out of Alexandra's isolation in the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. She taught herself embroidery as a pastime without the intention to use the skill for her final university collection. However, as soon as museums had reopened, Alexandra realised her newfound hobby could be developed to mimic the patterns and colours found in insects from entomology displays. Her love for the beautiful and grotesque parts of nature collaborated to form the narrative for the Infest Collection. 

Work: Work

Infest Graduate Collection


Extended Infest Collection

2022 - present

The extended Infest Collection is part of an ongoing series. Alexandra is, once more, widening the range of embroidered beetles and exploring ways of incorporating new materials and designs into her pieces. 
Find more of her latest work on Instagram or Facebook @emmelinejewellery

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