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Alexandra Emmeline

Born and raised on the Southwest coast of England, I passed the time with a multitude of creative hobbies that gave me the foundation to my jewellery style. Letting my paintings and writing pave the way for my craft, I discovered the whimsical flair and character I could put into each jewellery piece.

Relocating to Edinburgh in 2018 allowed my designs to flourish and materialise. I look for the beauty in all things that scuttle and soar, capturing my fascination for insects in the stillness that is embroidery and beadwork. It is within these moments of creating that I get to truly appreciate my subject matter.

Insects have influenced makers for centuries. While they may be fleeting creatures, they are not a fleeting source of inspiration. They appear in my work as something that can be worn time and time again. I opt for more traditional methods of making with a contemporary uniqueness to delight varying generations of customers.

My achievements include participating in the British Art Medal Society, Student Medal Project, shortlisted for the June 2022 John Bryne Award, freelance jewellery, painting and craft work. The Incrementum online exhibition and Limited Edition university projects allowed me to work in my own style while adhering to a project brief. 

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